Legal Business Conference 2022

Regulating Blockchain & Fintech Innovations: Finding the Balance

14 Speakers, and 3 Sessions

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About the Event

About LBC

LBC is an annual event put together by the Network in furtherance of its core objectives:

  • to educate and enlighten professionals on contemporary legal and business issues, and
  • to support organizations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to build legally protected businesses.

Focus and Theme of LBC 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic, introduction of blockchain technology, and the recent unveiling of the eNaira by the Central Bank of Nigeria have exposed many legal issues and the inherent opportunities in the burgeoning blockchain and financial technology ecosystem.


Consequently, the theme of LBC 2022 is “Regulating Blockchain and FinTech Innovations: Finding the Balance”. LBC 2022 will focus on blockchain technology and financial technology innovations and how regulators can balance regulation with innovation

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14 Speakers

3 Sessions


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