About LBN

About Legal Business Network

The legal business network is a network of experts and business players within the African legal and business circles. It was founded to assist businesses and entrepreneurs build legally protected businesses through our various activities, services and campaigns, such as connecting business needs to experts with tailor made legal solutions, training, research, business awareness programmes, legal advisory and excellence awards.

Legal Business Network prides itself in the provision of bespoke legal solutions and advisory to startups, entrepreneurs and clients on the legal aspects of starting and effectively running a successful business in both the African and global markets.
We provide business development services and bring clarity to legal issues to support business operations, drive investments and growth.

Over the years, we have used our various social media platforms to provide enlightenment  on key issues such as: Types and Features of Business Organizations and Guidelines for making Suitable Choices, A-Z of Business Formation and Registrations, Essentials of  Contract, Legal Requirements for Foreign Investments in Nigeria, Post Incorporation Matters, Intellectual Property Rights, Avoiding Legal Mistakes etc.

• Mission

We help Clients achieve their goals by providing value added legal services.
With an in-depth understanding of the Client’s business, we provide tailor-made legal solutions that directly respond to client’s needs.

• Vision

To be the “go-to” organisation for all your business’s legal needs

• Core Values

• Major Milestones/Projects

  • Organises Seminars for Entrepreneurs.
  • Convener of Legal Business Conference for Lawyers

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