Register for the Legal Business Conference 2022, 17 May 2022, Lagos – Regulating Blockchain and FinTech Innovations: Striking the Balance

About LBC LBC is an annual event put together by the Network in furtherance of its core objectives:   to educate and enlighten professionals on contemporary legal and business issues, and to support organizations, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to build legally protected businesses.   Focus and Theme of LBC 2022 The Covid-19 pandemic, the introduction of […]

How To Structure Your Partnership Business

When Tolu and Chuks who are really good friends decide to go into the sale of clothes and footwear as a team, their business is in form of a partnership. They will share the profits from the business and when there is a need to offset the debt, they will both be responsible for it. […]

Why You Should Register Your Business As A Company

Having examined the intricacies of company and business name, we bring you reasons why should register your business as a company and not as a business name. 1. Legal Entity: A registered company is a legal entity that has its own rights and duties: the right to sue and be sued, the duty to pay […]